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This is a blog created so that former students, staff and teachers who were at Chateau Mont Choisi can come together and meet. Please do post comments by clicking the "comment" link at the end of each post. If you were at Chateau Mont Choisi: Join the Chateau Mont Choisi Former student/teacher/staff Group message boards at:

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Back to the Blog

Hello all CMC ex-alumni, it has been five years since I have posted anything on this blog, and for that I apologize. Life got busy and had its set-backs. Nevertheless, for some reason, life brought me back to this project. I have read all your comments - and deleted some very undesirable ones from spammers - I look forward to continuing this online dialogue in a more private forum.

If you would like - please join the yahoo group that I have reactivated - only for CMC students of any time period.

It is a lot more private than all the facebook groups that exist for the school.
Hope to see you all there - all you have to do is go to: and sign up - please make sure to write your name, year you attended school and where you are from.

I look forward to see the wonderful stories that you all have to share!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Chateau Mont Choisi Picture Posted by Hello

Picture of Chateau Mont Choisi

About three weeks ago I found a picture of the Chateau Building on a web page, it was an advertisement for its sale. I was saddened at the bare aspect of it, and how the leaves from the front were gone and it looked so "abandoned". I didn't want to post it here on the blog for the same reason, but when I was trying to find someone with a picture, I found no one and decided to post it anyway.

Well I went to look for the site and it was GONE ... I told my CMC friend from Canada how upset I was that I never saved the file and she wrote....I have it!

Well thanks "L" I owe you one!!! Here are a couple of the pictures from the document, if you would like a copy of the entire document which is a PDF file, email me: and I will email it to you.

Enjoy, and no crying allowed



Monday, February 21, 2005

Three Members at the CMC Yahoo Group!!

Well, I am happy to say we have a whole 3 members in the new Yahoo Group I have created for a reunion of former Chateau Mont Choisi Students and Teachers / Staff members, it is not much, but an exciting bit of progress. Now the challenge is to get this blog to pop up on the search engines when you type in Chateau Mont Choisi, so more people can find us.,... Any suggestions? I am checking back daily, hoping I will get some comments and nothing ... Oh well, hee hee.
Can anyone help tell me how to make my ranking better on Search engines? Thanks!


Join the Chateau Mont Choisi Former student/teacher/staff Group and message boards at:
note: you must create a Yahoo ID before joining.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Afternoon Nap

This morning I wasn't feeling too well, and I took an afternoon nap with my son, the past couple of days have been "research" days, trying to find links to CMC (Chateau Mont Choisi) find students I knew there, and thinking of a way to get a copy or a scan of my yearbook (1987-88), as I lay there in my bed, I started to fall asleep and dreamt of the Chateau (it is so funny, a friend of mine and I were just talking about this), and I saw myself walking up the stairs once again to my old room, it was all empty though, and as I approached my room on the 3rd floor, my bed, without sheets had a single box on it. I opened it, and in it was a copy of the yearbook!! Wooo Hooo I thought, then the phone rang.... darn it! My mom calling me to see how I was...

Oh well, I guess maybe I am obsessing too much over this whole thing, but why shouldn't I ? It is part of my past, and maybe there are some other girls out there now moms that would like to re-connect with the past. Well, if you are out there, and searching for a bit of a blast from the past, hope you find me :)

Here is to afternoon naps with wishful hopes and great feelings!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Group Created for former Students

If you are interested in exchanging information with former students, but not posting to this blog, I have created a Group, which is moderated and before you can join, a questionnaire must be answered to verify that you truly attended CMC.

If you would like to join this group and find other CMC students, please sign up at:

Your identity can be withheld, and you can use an alias if you wish, as I said, this group is moderated and Only Members who have been verified by the owner of the group (me) as former students of CMC will be allowed to participate and read and post to the group (if you would like verification of my identity and pictures of me at the school for your peace of mind, I totally understand, you can email me at )

My intent is serious and in good faith to reunite ex classmates with each other and create perhaps a historical database with pictures and stories of CMC.

This site is for former students and/or staff members at Chateau Mont Choisi in Switzerland. Please do not post irrelevant subjects, as they will be deleted, thanks! :)

Calling all Chateau Mont Choisi Ex-Students

My name is Daniela Peregrina (Hernandez), I recently began to organize my pictures and in the process, my son asked me about some pictures, as I looked through them, I told my son about my studies abroad at the Institute Chateau Mont Choisi, and he quickly inquired, can you show me a picture of the school, I proceeded to do a search on the Internet and was saddened to read that the school shut its doors. No other information was available, only some resumes had the name in their content, and I also found another blog with a quick story about a fire :)

I left before the end of the 1987-88 school year, and was never able to get a copy of the year book. I have recently found another ex-student of CMC and we have been doing "detective" work, trying to put pieces together. She was a student during 1986-87 and we are trying to track down anyone with a 1987-88 copy of the year book, that would be willing to share some pictures. I actually took many of them and have some of the originals still in my possession.

We also wondered, what happened to Dr. Peterson (or Dr. Pitty as we called him) ... Dr. P. if you are out there....Hopefully you will find us too!

This blog is an effort to reunite the Students of CMC, whether you were a student 30 years ago, or of the last generation, we would love to hear from you!

This is the beginning, I will start a web page as soon as we start seeing response to this blog. It will have a message board and chat room for the members. Keep posted, and please do post a response, we would love to hear from you!

If you would like to email me any pictures or a story or just contact me, my email for this blog is: (I have used the chateau's name for the blog and my email for easy reference)

I look forward to the detective work along with my new friend from Canada!! We are both excited about finding the pieces and clues, and hopefully a copy of the 87-88 yearbook!